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FURTASTIC DOG™ 2-in-1 pet hair dryer comb

FURTASTIC DOG™ 2-in-1 pet hair dryer comb

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This 2-in-1 pet hair dryer combines the functions of a hair dryer and pet comb, allowing you to dry and groom your pet's hair at the same time. It features a second gear wind regulation to adjust the wind force according to the size of your pet and quickly dry and comb their hair. The RVS steel wire with protection helps remove tangles, dead skin dirt, and grooms like a massage, while the overhead design helps protect your pet's fur. The needle comb is made of durable 304 stainless steel and the power cord is 2 meters long, making it safe and eco-friendly. The maximum power is about 300W, making it gentle on your pet's skin. 


Product Name: 2-in-1 Pet Hair dryer comb

Color: White

Comb: Fine Needle Comb

Material: ABS and Stainless Steel

Power Cord Length: 2 meters

Power: 300 W

Gear: 2 Gears

Power: AC110-230V

Product Size: 24.5x 12.5x 6.5mm

Packing list: 1 x Hair Comb, 1 x Instructions

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