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Furtastic Dog Pet Muzzle

Furtastic Dog Pet Muzzle

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Introducing the Furtastic Dog Muzzle - the perfect solution for pet parents who want to keep their furry friends safe and under control! This high-quality silicone muzzle is designed for long-mouthed dogs who tend to bite, lick or chew everything in sight. Here are some of the amazing features that come with the Furtastic Dog Muzzle:

  • Adjustable and Comfortable Fit: The Furtastic Dog Muzzle is made of high-quality silicone and is adjustable to fit most dogs. It's comfortable for your furry friend to wear and won't impede their breathing or movement. Plus, it comes in a range of colors to suit your dog's personality!

  • Safe and Humane: This muzzle is great for restraining your dog's ability to bite, chew, bark, and lick healing wounds. It's safe and humane, ensuring your furry friend stays happy and healthy while wearing it.

  • End the "Scary Dog" Look: With its playful design, this muzzle ends the "dangerous dog" look of regular muzzles. This means you can enjoy long walks while letting your pup's playful personality shine through!

  • Well-Ventilated: The muzzle has natural air flow, which keeps your dog cool and makes it easy for them to breathe on long walks or in hot weather. It's great for restraining your dog's ability to bite, chew, and bark while still allowing them to stick their tongue out and pant.

  • Multi-Functional: This muzzle serves multiple purposes, including preventing dog biting, barking, chewing, eating, and licking wounds. It's also great for training and preventing random barking.

  • Durable and Robust: The Furtastic Dog Muzzle is made from FDA-approved, wear-resistant, waterproof, and dust-proof silicone material. It's easy to clean and built to last!

  • Easy to Use: The muzzle comes with a fully adjustable strap and buckle that's easy to put on and quick to release. It's great for use at the park, neighborhood walks, when traveling, or during vet visits.

  • Suitable for Small Dogs: The Furtastic Dog Muzzle comes in three different sizes to suit dogs of different weights and mouth circumferences. 

    Say goodbye to the struggles of dealing with a long-mouthed dog and hello to the peace of mind that comes with the Furtastic Dog Muzzle!
Size Weight Range Mouth Circumference
Small 5.5 to 9.9 pounds about 12cm/4.72 inch
Medium 10.47 to 18.7 pounds about 15cm/5.9 inch
Large 19.29 to 27.56 pounds about 16cm/6.3 inch

Important Note:

It's important to note that muzzles should be used properly and never as a punishment or to intentionally harm or restrict the dog's breathing or eating. It's always best to consult with a veterinarian or a professional dog trainer before using a muzzle on your dog.
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