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AquaPup™ - Dog Sprinkler Pad

AquaPup™ - Dog Sprinkler Pad

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Introducing AquaPup™ - The Ultimate Dog Water Play Mat for Endless Summertime Fun!

AquaPup™ Features:

Three sizes available: Find the perfect fit for any pup

Durable and leak-proof construction: Made from high-quality materials for long-lasting use

Easy setup and drain: Effortlessly set up and pack away in seconds

Portable and foldable design: Perfect for on-the-go fun and compact storage

Safe and enjoyable water play: Keeps your pet cool, entertained, and hydrated

Adjustable water pressure: Customize the water flow to suit your dog's preferences


We are facing an early summer as 75 cities have been warned of record high temperatures. There are serious effects on the health of four-legged friends with the consistently increasing heat, particularly in terms of canine "heatstroke".

Here's your solution! With our AquaPup™ - Dog Sprinkler Pad, your furry friend will never want summer to end!

The summer season hides more than one pitfall for the animals that come with our everyday lives. That's why some extra precautions are needed to protect their health too.

AquaPup™ Benefits:

🐾 Keeps your dog cool: Provides a refreshing escape from the summer heat

🐾 Promotes exercise and mental stimulation: Encourages active play and engagement

🐾 Helps prevent heat-related issues: Protects your pet from heatstroke and dehydration

🐾 Pet-friendly design: Ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for your furry friend

🐾 Easy to clean and maintain: Simply drain, wipe, and fold for hassle-free upkeep

🐾 Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: Perfect for your backyard, patio, or living room

🐾 Fun for the whole family: Create lasting memories with your pet while staying cool


🔸 Will my dog's nails damage the AquaPup™? 

The AquaPup™ is designed to withstand playful dogs, including their nails. However, it is not intended for chewing or biting.

🔸 Is the AquaPup™ inflatable?

No, the AquaPup™ does not require inflation. It features a sturdy and flat design that fills with water upon connection to a hose.


Our Promise:

At Furtastic Dog, we prioritize your satisfaction. If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your furry friend deserves the best, so bring home the AquaPup™ today and make every day a splash!




Small - (100x100cm) - 39 Inch

It is suitable for Multiple Small Dogs/Pets at once! 

Medium - (150x150cm) - 59 Inch

It is suitable for One Large Dog or Multiple Medium Dogs/Pets at once!

Large - (170x170cm) - 67 Inch

It is suitable for Multiple Large Dogs/Pets at once!

NOTE: Please trim your dogs' nails before using the mat to prevent damages. Adjust the water spray direction by adjusting the water pressure

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