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Dog Sniffing Ball Toy

Dog Sniffing Ball Toy

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Introducing the Dog Snuff Ball Toy - a fun and interactive way to enhance your pet's playtime and intelligence. Made of high-quality fleece and TPR rubber material, this toy is soft, comfortable and designed to resist biting.

The toy is not just for entertainment, it also serves as an IQ trainer for your pet. Its hideable food bubble rubber ball feature is designed to train your pet's sense of smell, helping it to stay calm and improving its activity ability. Moreover, the toy helps to improve your pet's eating habits by slowing down their eating pace, making it an ideal choice for pets that eat too fast.

In addition, the toy effectively cleans and grinds your pet's teeth, helping to avoid any discomfort they may experience from teeth-related issues. The pet sniffing puzzle tamper-proof home toy has been processed through an amazing sewing and one-piece molding process. The holes of the rubber ball are the same size, and the flannel surface is smooth and delicate.

Suitable for cats, puppies, small, medium, and large dogs, as well as aggressive animals, the Dog Snuff Ball Toy is perfect for increasing the intimacy between you and your pet. It comes in two colors - red and green - and measures 20x20x20cm, with a weight of 230g.

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