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Dog Life Jacket Vest

Dog Life Jacket Vest

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Introducing the Dog Life Jacket with a stunning Bright Scales Print and a Standing Shark Fin. This new release is designed to make your furry friend look adorable while staying safe in the water.

The life jacket features enhanced flotation capabilities, thanks to the use of Neoprene fabrics at the belly and EPE floating material throughout the body. This enables most small and medium-sized dog breeds to stay afloat effortlessly.

Crafted from high-density ripstop 600D Oxford material, the life jacket is waterproof, durable, and of exceptional quality. The back rescue grad handle is made of the same material, ensuring your pet stays secure.

The dog life jacket is incredibly practical with hook and loop closure that makes it easy to put on and take off. Wide reflective straps on the body help you locate your dog in low light conditions, while the strong nylon straps can be adjusted to find the best fit. Additionally, the leash hook at the back allows for easy attachment of a leash.


The life jacket is designed to keep your dog comfortable in the water, with the ability to keep their head afloat when they get tired, potentially saving their life. It is particularly useful for new swimmers who may be hesitant about the water. Ideal for a range of water activities such as swimming, boating, canoeing, surfing, or fishing, get your furry friend dressed in a dog life jacket for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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