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Active Rolling Ball

Active Rolling Ball

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Introducing Furtastic Dog's Active Rolling Ball - The Perfect Playtime Solution for Your Dog 

Do you struggle to find time to keep your furry friend entertained and exercised? Furtastic Dog's Active Rolling Ball is the answer to your problems. This innovative toy is designed to keep your dog engaged and active, even when you're busy with other tasks. Comes with 4 changeable ball sleeves.

We all know that exercise is essential for a dog's health and happiness, but it's not always easy to fit in regular playtime. That's where the Active Rolling Ball comes in - it's the ultimate activity toy for any dog, and it's suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Here are just a few of the benefits that the Active Rolling Ball can offer you and your dog:

  • Stimulates your dog's nose and mind, promoting cognitive development and problem-solving skills
  • Durable and suitable for all dogs, including those who love to chew and play rough
  • Prevents boredom and loneliness when you're away, providing your dog with a fun and engaging distraction
  • Helps prevent unwanted destructive behavior due to boredom or anxiety
  • Aids in your dog's growth and development, promoting healthy physical activity and mental stimulation.

The Fun NEVER Ends

✓  Hours of Fun

✓  Built-in Button Battery

✓  Natural Plush Filling

✓  Long Battery-Life


Size: 8x8cm/3.15x3.15in

Battery: 1 X AA battery (not included)



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